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Learn To Help Yourself Overcome Adversity Without Crutches

It's often easier to have other people solve the problems in your life instead of face them yourself. But sometimes you have to take on and overcome adversities by examining your life and making the necessary changes to improve it. I know first hand how difficult it can be to face your demons without your loved ones, peers, or even counselors to reassure your every step. A year and half ago, I lost my spouse to drug addiction. My life spiraled out of control, and I couldn't find my way back. Finally, I decided to take control of my life and stop blaming myself for my spouse's death. I'm now a stronger person for my efforts. My blog offers tips on how to use self-help to beat your demons.


Learn To Help Yourself Overcome Adversity Without Crutches

Signs That You Have Developed a Problem with Prescription Drugs

Debbie Lawson

Many people struggle with prescription medication until it takes over their lives. In some cases, the abuse of prescription drugs might seem more innocent than the use of street drugs. For example, it's easy to rationalize that the drugs you're taking are legal and thus less harmful. However, it's important to be able to identify that you're developing a problem with these drugs, even if they are legal. Upon making this assessment about yourself, you'll be able to check into a rehabilitation facility and get some professional help. Here are some signs that you've developed a problem with prescription medication.

You're Exaggerating Your Symptoms to Get More Drugs

When you begin to rely too heavily upon your prescription drugs, you may find yourself returning to your doctor and exaggerating your symptoms. For example, if you initially received pain medication after a back injury but have since developed an addiction, you may schedule an appointment to visit your doctor and complain heavily about your back—even if it's no longer bothering you. If you notice that you're telling these lies to your medical professional, this is a clear sign that you have a problem with the drugs and that rehab would be a smart choice for you.

You're Running Out of Your Drugs Early

When you receive a prescription, you'll be told how long it will last for based on how many pills you're supposed to take per day. For example, a 20-pill prescription is designed to last 10 days if you're supposed to take two pills per day. If you have begun to abuse your prescriptions, you'll often run out of the drugs early. In the above example, this could mean that you've used all 20 pills by the third or fourth day. This is a definite sign that you need help, as you could be doing considerable harm to your health by not heeding the recommended dosage instructions.

You've Changed the Way You Take Your Pills

A change in how you take your prescription medication can be a clear sign that you've developed a problem that requires immediate care. For example, a prescription may indicate that you're supposed to swallow the pill on an empty stomach. However, many prescription drug abusers learn that grinding up their pills and snorting them can yield a more potent high. If you identify these signs in yourself, it's ideal to find support from a caring family member and call a local rehab center such as Pacific Ridge as soon as possible.